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Temporary residence in ČR for citizens of EU


- Are you a citizen of the European Union or a family member of an EU citizen?

- Do you need temporary residence in BrnoCzech Republic? 

- Does your landlord refuse to grant you his consent with temporary residence?

- Have you sold the property where you have had your temporary residence and you do not know where to get registered now? 

- Do you want to do business and you need a consent with your registered office?

- Do you want credits in the Czech Republic? 

- Do you wish to keep track of incoming correspondence via e-mail or text messages?  

- Do you wish to be reachable for authorities and other people?

- Do you wish to be exchange your foreign driver's license to czech?

- Do you wish to be able to get Czech Republic (CZ) license a plate for your  vehicle? 


Are you looking for answers to these questions?       Then you have found the right place.                


We grant the consent with temporary residence at                                        a real address.


Before you call, you can also have a look at the most common questions and answers.

The consent with permanent residence at our address will be granted to you for


CZK 5 500 per 1 year.


CAUTION: Consent with permanent residence is granted only to EU citizens and their family members. 



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