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Registered self-employed in CZ


For both, Czech citizens and foreigners!

- Do you want to do business and you need a consent with your  registered self-employed?

- Do you want to change your registered self-employed?

- Do not you want or are you not able to have you registered     self-employed at home?

- Is a distrainor or executor coming to you and you want to  prevent  endangering assets of your loved ones?  

- Do you want to save the costs of an office?

- Do you make business abroad?

- Are you going to spend some time abroad?

- Do you want prevent anyone bothering you? 

- Do you wish to keep track of incoming correspondence   via e-mail or text messages? 


Consent with registered self-employed at our addresses at are:    

Příkop 843 / 4Brno - Zábrdovice  (IBC building

(Financial Office of Brno I)


    Brno - Medlánky č.e. 607   

  (Financial Office of Brno III)  

- will be granted to you for

      CZK 690 per 3 months  + CZK 100 for notarization

       CZK 1 380 per 6 months 

 CZK 2 500 per 1 year 

   CZK 3 900 per 2 years 

  CZK 5 400 per 3 years


Registered self-employed administration.

Under the Trade Licensing Act, an applicant for a business license has to indicate a registered office which is kind of equivalent to a registered seat for legal persons. Your registered office is then listed in the Trade Licensing Register for communication with the authorities, but your registered office does not constitute an obligation to move to the Tax Office locally competent for you registered office.

Practically, it can be concluded that a person will always belong to the Tax Office competent for your residential address.

This is the fundamental difference between the registered office of a natural business person and the registered seat of a legal person (a company).

 However, authorities will communicate with you officially through your registered office or data box. 


Under the Trade Licensing Act, such a registered office shall be designated in a statutory manner.


Mail delivery in the office

Tu. 12.00 - 16.00

 Fr. 10.00 - 14.00

+420 773 536 196

E-mail notification of inbox is included in the price!



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