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Questions and Answers

 Questions and Answers  


For how long do you grant your consent?

 We grant our consent for the address of your permanent residence or registered seat or registered office solely for the period that you have paid for.

The service can be extended at any time.


How will I keep track of incoming correspondence?

There will be a mailbox at the house labeled with your name.

You can pick up you mail at any time, the mailbox is placed in the public part of the house.

You can pick up your mail in the office during office hours.


How do I pay for the consent with permanent residence?

 You can chose from several methods of payment:
1) in cash on the spot,
2) via bank transfer based on proforma invoice before handing over the consent with permanent residence.

Remember you have to pay the amount of  CZK  850 per month.


Are you able to provide a seat for my existing or new company?

  Yes, we are able to provide a registered seat for a company – legal person.
Address of permanent residence and a company seat are not mutually exclusive.
If you prefer this combination, please contact us for clarification and more information.

 For more information on company seats click here.
We will arrange everything in just one meeting, do not waste your time.


Are you able to provide the address for my registered seat 
for my business based on a Trade License?


Yes, we are able to provide a registered office for self-employed busness people (having a Trade License).
Address of permanent residence and a registered office or company seat are not mutually exclusive.
 If you prefer this combination, please contact us for clarification and more information.               

  For more information on registered office click here.
We will arrange everything in just one meeting, do not waste your time.


Who do you grant permanent residence address to?

 We only grant the address of permanent residence for citizens of the Czech Republic.

Are you a property owner?

Yes, we are a property owner, and therefore you receive a certified statement from the Land Register with each consent with permanent residence.

The consent with the permanent residence address is always signed by the property owner.


Am I entitled to stay in an apartment at your property?

No, you are not entitled to stay in one in our property. 

This is not an apartment rental, we only provide the address for permanent residence for those who need this service.


You do not want or are not able to have the registered address (or registered seat) at home. 

   We understand that and basically it is not even smart any more. We used to do that, but as time went by, we realized that if we do not work strictly at home, the registered office at home is useless, we cannot take over our mail because we are not at home and thus we read did not read it sometimes until the next day or until we picked it up from the post office.  

  Some costs can be saved that you would, for example, not have to pay at home, but if the company is making business actively, then it is inappropriate to direct your business activities into your home environment.  The company may get into unexpected situations and the entire family would suffer.  

Let authorities contact you at places determined for that purpose.


You just want to save the costs of an office 

  We see this as a great benefit.  The company does not have to have a real office, but it has an office available anyway. An established name for this service is a virtual office. There are activities which are not done in the office during the day, you are on the go, and the office itself is empty. Still, you have to pay for the rent. We offer the necessary facilities and services for a monthly price that is incomparable with conventional rented office. 


You make business abroad

   You live permanently abroad, but you still have your activities in the Czech Republic? Then our address is the right thing for you.

  We receive all your correspondence or packages, while informing you via email and text messages.

We can forward it wherever necessary.

We will provide a focal point for the authorities. 

We are also able to represent you at the states authorities.


You are going to spend some time abroad

 This service is rather for natural persons, because these have the option to change the so called registered office, but natural persons remain with the Tax Office competent for their residence. Changing the registered office will change the contact addresses for all authorities. The Trade Licensing Register will show only our address on the basis of the consent. To apply for the change, you can go to any Trade Licensing Office, and they are obliged to accept the consent.


I do not want anyone bothering me. 

 This can also be the reason to use the registered office at our address.

Basically, we do not disclose the address to which we forward your mail, however, there are situations where a certain cooperation is required by law. It is cooperation with the police who we always ask to communicate their requirements in writing.

Some clients do not even want to give us their postal address, we only get an email address.

They come to pick up their mail irregularly then, because they know what we have saved based on information via mail or text messages.

Practically, mail can be forwarded anywhere through us.

Please note that if you apply for redirection at the post office, in case of shipments into your own hands, the Czech Post gives the sender confirmation of your current delivery address. Thus, your anonymity is over.

 We do it by taking your shipment (based on a power of attorney) and immediately forwarding it in another envelope. Thus, by delivery to our address the sender only learns what he or she already knows, that is the address of the registered seat.



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