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Companies' registered seat in Slovakia


We provide registered seats in Bratislava for companies (in Slovak: s.r.o., a.s., in English: private or public limited companies) 

- Do you want to establish a company and you need a consent with    its official seat? 

- Do you want to change your company seat?

- Do you not want to or are you not able to have your company seat at home?

- Is a distrainor or executor coming to you and you want to prevent  endangering assets of your loved ones? 

- Do you want to save the costs of an office?

- Do you make business abroad?

- Are you going to spend some time abroad?

- Do you want prevent anyone bothering you? 

- Do you wish to keep track of incoming correspondence via  e-mail or text messages? 


Consent with official seat of a company at our

address at Bratislava will be granted to you for


CZK 4 000 ( 149 € ) per 1 year 




Registered seat administration.

Under Czech law, companies are required to have a registered address in the Czech Republic (registered seat).

Under the Trade Licensing Act, such a registered seat shall be designated in a statutory manner.



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